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Hindenburg - Historic Photo of burning Hindenburg, 1937 5


Original News Wire/Press release Photo (8x10")
Original Period I Photo - DAY of CRASH!

Incredible piece of History!

Very rare original First Generation wire/press release photos of the Hindenburg disaster. We just acquired a collection of original Hindenburg photos taken on the day of the explosion in Lakehurst NJ. These are photos used on the very day of the crash, May 6, 1937. It was a day that will forever be part of the history books. And, this photo captured that catastrophic event and were immediately used for publication in newspapers around the world. The back of each has the original new wire snipe along with the original ACME Newspictures stamps and United Press Newspictures stamps.

This particular photo has an original wire/press release snipe on back dated 5/6/37, the very day of the Hindenburg exploded!   Here is an incredible photo of the skeleton of the Hindenburg after fire is nearly extinguished.  Notice people running toward the burnt ship to rescue survivors.. Just incredible!

Be sure to see our other Hindenburg original 1937 and 1936 (pre crash) photos.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original photo

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