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Beatles HELP Vintage movie poster UNUSED One Sheet SCARCE!

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Beatles "Help", 1965
Original Vintage UNUSED One Sheet Movie Poster (27x41"), 1965

This is an incredible find of this 48 year old poster.  We have been fortunate enough to acquire this  Unused poster that was discovered by a long time collector and dealer of rock and roll memorabilia in the mid 1970’s. To see a one sheet "Help" in this condition, is UNHEARD OF!

This gem is Tri-folded meaning only TWO folds and NO vertical folds at all.  Most all posters prior to 1980 were quad folded. Also, the "Help" one sheet posters for whatever reason are known to be found faded when up for auction. Since this poster has never been used or exposed to light , the colors are bright and vivid, as good as it can possibly get! 

ORIGINAL BEATLES ONE SHEET, 27x41", distributed in 1965 for the movie, HELP, TRI FOLDED/FOLDED THE LONG WAY TWICE, STAMPED ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE POSTER with the Official NSS stamp, "HELP THE BEATLES 1 SH. 65/293.  Seasoned collectors know only Authentic movie posters have the  NSS stamp on the back.

Please see second photo which shows the official studio NSS stamp on back. It scanned light but it is darker in person,  The original owner acquired this poster in1978, BUT IT was hidden in their warehouse for all of these years.  He is an international seller of Beatles, rock and movie memorabilia since 1976.

** You will be kicking yourself five years from now, for not grabbing this Rare Unused gem!   UNused vintage , 47 year old, movie posters just don't exist, but once every several years.

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