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Vintage Posters Coming Soon


Rare Opportunity to Own Museum Grade Vintage Movie Posters

Over the past several years we have had countless requests for some of the most exciting and desirable movie poster treasures from some of the most iconic classic films.   The kind of posters most of us Dream of!   But, a lot of times when the rare opportunity to acquire a significant movie poster arises,  we pass on it  because the investment may be a risk for us, if it takes longer to find that exclusive buyer.   So, I am trying something NEW.

I am posting below several High End posters and lobby cards that I may be able to acquire in the next couple weeks at conventions and auctions I am attending, along with a couple major collectors that have contacted me who are interested in selling some of their museum grade collection.    

To be candid, these are NOT opportunities for those always looking for the best “deal”  (i.e. “what’s the lowest you will take for that” collectors)..   These are all extraordinary pieces, that rarely ever (some NEVER) appear on the market.

If you see an item listed below that peaks your interest, you will see an estimate of what I think it will sell for..  If the price is in your budget,  I will then send you large images..  If it is a very high end item (i.e. like “Casablanca” half sheet) I may ask for a deposit.  Otherwise,   most of my customers are highly respectable and loyal , and will not hesitate to honor their commitments. 

Law Tombstone, Buck Jones, 1937 ONE SHEET,  2500-4500
Thrill Hunter, Buck Jones, 1933, Thrill Hunter, est 1500-3000

My Pal, the King, Tom Mix, VERY RARE early 1932, ONE SHEET,  est 2500-4500
The Lonely Trail , RARE John Wayne, 1936, ONE SHEET, est 7500-15000
SHANE, 1953 ONE SHEET, est 1500-2500
High Noon, Gary Cooper, ONE SHEET, 1952, est 1500-2500


Vintage Horror & Sci Fi:
Dracula 1938 and 1947 release VERY RARE  lobby cards.    Est 1500-2500 each
Frankenstein, 1947 release lobby card, $1500-2500
The Ghost of Frankenstein, 1942, TITLE CARD,  est 3500-6500
Wolf Man TITLE CARD, RARE, 1941, Lon Chaney,     $5000-10000
Wolf Man LOBBY CARD, RARE, 1941, Lon Chaney,     $1500-3000

Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein half sheet,  est $3000-4000
Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein,  est 800-1800
King Kong 1933 lobby card , est 5000-8000
Mark of the Vampire with Bela Lugosi 1935   Pressbook  , est 3000-4000
The Return of the Vampire  , Gorgeous Half Sheet , est 3000-3500
Invasion of the Saucer-Men, STUNNING Sci Fi Artwork!, 1958, ONE SHEET, $3500-5500
Superman and the Mole Men, GEORGE REEVES, Stunning INSERT!, 1951, est 2500-4500

Hitchcock: Notorious , Spectacular ONE SHEET, 1946, est 4500-7500

Major Classics:
Dead End , 1937 Bogart and Daed End Kids, lobby cards $500-1000 

The Big Sleep 1946 half sheet Bogart Bacall, est $3000-4500
Casablanca lobby card 1942, $3500-5500

The Maltese Falcon 1941 lobby card , est 2500-4000
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre1946 ONE SHEET, est 3500-5500

Sunset Boulevard, stunning insert, 1950,  est 2500-4500
Rebel without a Cause, 1955, James Dean, ONE SHEET,, est 2500-4500
The Adventures of Robin Hood, RARE  original lobby cards, Errol Flynn, est 2500-4500 each
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Original 1937 Lobby Card, one of the BEST, est $2500-3500

Classic Comedy:
Three Stooges,   rare ONE SHEET with Cury 1945, est 3500-6500
Three Stooges, 1938 Lobby Card, RARE,  2500-4500
Laurel & Hardy, You’re Darn Tootin, RARE very early 1927 lobby card,   est 1500-2500

Marilyn Monroe Saturday Evening Post Magazine Newstand Poster, 1956 Scarce , est 2500-3500
Beatles Life Magazine Newsstand Poster, 1967, VERY Scarce, est 2000-3500
A Hard Day's Night , Beatles, 1964, ONE SHEET,  est 1500-2500
Dr. No,  historical FIRST James Bond, 1962, ONE SHEET, 2500-3500
Goldfinger ,   1964, THREE SHEET, BEST artwork,  est 1500-2500

George -- The Supreme Master of Magic, Spectacular MAGIC Poster, 1920s. est 1500-2500


For the Ultra serious collector of the most rare, desirable vintage movie poster masterpieces…
The Maltese Falcon 1941 ONE SHEET, est $15000-20000
It's a Wonderful Life, 1946, RARE Gorgeous Half Sheet, est 5000-1200
Wizard of OZ , Spectacular restored Title Card, 1939,  $8000-15000
Attack of the 50 Foot Woman ,1958, ONE SHEET, est 12000-18000
The Maltese Falcon, 1941, Bogart, rare ONE SHEET Masterpiece!  Est,10,000-20,000
Casablanca,  Original Half Sheet, stunning atwork, 1942.  Est 75000-125000

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