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Charles Schulz Art Snoopy Signed Sketch Boy Named Charlie Brown

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Charles Schulz Artwork Art
Original Signed Autographed Vintage Book Peanuts Snoopy Sketch Art Drawing
"A Boy Named Charlie Brown"
PSA Certified

Larger Style Snoopy Sketch (8.5x11")

You stumble upon a beautiful 50 year old Charles Schulz masterpiece, open up the magnificent front cover and behold inside is a large stunning Original Drawing of a perfect executed "Snoopy" in bold black marker.   You're in Awe!

Very RARE Large Signed Charles Schulz early 1969 circa Sketch of Snoopy inside first blank page of one of his most famous hardcover books, 
"A Boy Named Charlie Brown" (1969).   This was also a "Peanuts" feature film in 1969.  In beautiful bold black marker and Signed with Full Signature (Not personalized) "Best Wishes Charles Schulz".    Certified Authentic by leading autograph authentication service PSA..     
* See enlargeable images above and below. 

This extraordinary  Snoopy sketch has perfect contrast on a white background.  If you've ever collected Schulz autographs and signed sketches , you know many or most are signed on color pages with much inferior contrast!    Excellent condition with minor age related toning around edges giving it that nice added touch of authenticity. And if the gorgeous sketch and signature are not exciting enough,  it is done inside one of this most famous books AND movies, "A Boy Named Charlie Brown".     This is an early 1969 circa Schulz "Snoopy" sketch with the more narrow nose before it became more rounded after the 1970s..    And unlike most Schulz Signed sketches signed with only his last name, this has his Full signature and nice un-personalized sentiment, "Best Wishes".    It is also a Larger size then normal (8.5 x 11").. This gem is an exceptional find!

Condition:   Book and its original dust jacket are in Amazing Excellent+ condition with just some minor spine wear..  Original ink Snoopy sketch is simply breathtaking!   He's Gorgeous!

Note: This is perfect for the both Private collector who keeps his collection locked up or those who like to display their vintage treasures.  Can easily be framed by either detaching the page from the book or creatively framing with the book opened. 

NOTE:   Like any high value autographed treasure, be very cautious when buying Original Signed Charles Schulz Art.  Many that are advertised online are NOT authentic.   Even those claiming to be Schulz shops or experts are selling NON Genuine autographed items.    To ensure your Schulz pieces are genuine, always insist or only buy items that have been professionally authenticated by one of the top three Reputable Independent Autograph Authentication services namely, PSA, JSA or Beckett.   These are the only three that most reputable auction houses and dealers use.    Also, to be extra safe, only buy from a dealer that will Guarantee Authenticity for Life.

Certified Authentic by leading autograph authentication service PSA and comes with their full COA.   

Size: 8.5x11" .    

Because of the value of Charles Schulz original autographs and sketches (comic strips selling for over $100,000 recently) he has become a prime target for the forgers selling on the internet auction sites. Here is a chance to own an unquestionable vintage signed sketch with the most highly regarded authentication certification in the autograph industry. Authenticity Guaranteed for Life... PSA Certified

Charles Schulz ORIGINAL art is one of the best investments in the collectibles industry appreciating exponentially in the past 10-15 years..  ..   To get an idea of the intense demand for Schulz original art, his original comic strip panels have been selling for up to $100,000!

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
Conway's Vintage Treasures
UACC Registered Dealer No 307

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

* See enlargeable images above and below