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Russ Westover Original Sketch Signed

Russ Westover
Original Autographed Sketch of "Tillie the Toiler"

Nice bold pencil sketch of "Tillie" and her co-worker "Mac" on a vintage Atlantic Coast Line Railway menu.    Also comes with an original copy of newspaper
Tillie The Toiler strip from 1949.

Westover worked on his concept of a flapper character in a strip he titled Rose of the Office. With a title change to Tillie the Toiler, it sold to King Features Syndicate. Leaving the Herald, he began Tillie the Toiler for King Features in 1921, and the working-girl strip quickly established a wide readership, leading to a 1927 film adaptation by Hearst's Cosmopolitan Pictures with Marion Davies as Tillie.

During the late 1920s, more than 600 papers were carrying Tillie The Toiler. In 1926, he added another strip, The Van Swaggers, to his Sunday page as a topper. Cupples & Leon published a series of at least eight Tillie the Toiler reprint collections beginning in the 1920s and continuing into the 1930s. Westover profited from another movie when Kay Harris appeared in the title role of Columbia Pictures' Tillie the Toiler in 1941.