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BEATLES Rare Autographs Signed IN-Person March 1963

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Acquired In-Person at Rialto Theater in York, England on March 13th, 1963

Dual Certified Authentic by REAL and JSA

"Probably the BEST Set of Beatles Autographs You'll Ever Come Across!"


* NOTE: We have this listed here and on our eBay store for $9500.    But, for Today only we are offering at a substantially reduced price.   If it doesn't sell it goes back at true value pricing.  And for those of you who follow Beatles autographs values and Beatles memorabilia values, you know a high quality set of Certified Authentic (by JSA or PSA) Beatles autographs of this caliber sell at auction consistently for $10,000 and More!   Don't believe me?  check recent auction results from memorabilia auction houses like Profiles in History or Iconic Memorabilia.      And if you were wondering what the current collector demand and value of vintage original Beatles memorabilia is, this past weekend's Beatles buying frenzy at Julien's Auction sums it up, as collectors bid $2.4 million for John Lennon's guitar !   You won't find an equally set of Gorgeous Beatles signatures at this price ANYWHERE, AGAIN!

Historically significant, extraordinary autographs from the most famous rock band of all time, The Beatles.  In the autograph collecting genre there are a particular handful of autographs that have consistently skyrocketed in value.   I have followed sales of Beatles autographs for the past decade and have seen no other music related autograph appreciate so dramatically.   And when it comes to the top ten best autograph investments, Beatles would easily make the cut!  With photos selling for over $20,000 and signed albums for as much as $180,000.  Also, this incredible set of Beatles signatures has NOT been inscribed to anyone, making it more desirable to collectors and/or those looking for the Ultimate Gift! This UN-Personalized set of Beatles autographs is one of the best you will ever see.   The signatures are pristine & FLAWLESS!!  You will be hard pressed to find an equally impressive example

Not only did all four signed their names in full , but each signature is in bold ink with George adding "BEATLES"beatles autographs at the top. Signed by each, "BEATLES George Harrison xxx, John Lennon xx, Ringo Starr xxx, Paul McCartney xxx”. And signed beautifully all on the SAME page, perfectly placed as a group, without overlapping each other like is often seen.  

What Makes This Group of Beatles Autographs Extraordinary and Superior to 95% of other Beatles Autographs on the Market?

- They are NOT inscribed/personalized to anyone
- George Harrison adds the coveted “Beatles” at the top of the group signatures
- Signatures do NOT overlap each other, all are perfectly positioned
- Signatures are all in ink (not less desirable pencil)
- Signatures are on white background, not over hard to see dark areas or text as often seen with photos and
- Signatures are bold , Not faded or light or barely legible
- Dual Certified Authentic by the top autograph authentication service and Beatles expert..
- Extraordinary Provenance!
- Includes signatures of other Rock stars and friends of Beatles (
Tommy Roe & Chris Montez) acquired at same time, after same historic concert that they all played together

SALES HISTORY UPDATE:  On March 28, 2015 a set of Beatles autographs like this sold at auction for $14,000.  The only difference is we think our set is even more desirable because with our set of autographs NOT ONE Beatle's signature touches or crosses over another, unlike the one that sold for $14,000!  Also, our set has the coveted "Beatles" written at the top by George Harrison.  The $14,000 set did NOT. 

Extraordinary Provenance!
These were acquired in-person at Rialto Theater in York, England on March 13th, 1963 by a young girl name Ann Lincoln who was actually there to see Chris Monez and Tommy Roe and while waiting to get their autographs just happen to be in front of the bus when the Beatles came out and each signed her autograph album book page.   Thereafter she put all the signed pages into a scrap book for nearly four decades until she sold them to a major Beatles collector names Dusty in 1998 (who I acquired from) .   

In his letter of provenance Dusty states “I purchased the autographs at a BeatlesFest auction in Liverpool, England in August of 1998 and had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Lincoln.  She was saddened to be selling the autographs but was happy that they were going to an avid Beatles fan.”.     *He even saved the original hand written auction label with consignee's name, address and the reserve price, and attached it on the back of the framed autographs

Dusty eventually removed all the autographs including Beatles, Tommy Roe & Chris Monez from the scrap book page. Each autograph page had four pieces of tape on the back which left tape stains .   The tape stains were cleaned and treated by a professional document restoration service in Chicago and now there are only subtle indications of where the stains were.  .  And, if you look at the closeup of signatures you will see the previous vintage tape stains do not appear from the front, with the exception of the faint one behind Ringo's added "XXX", which doesn't detract from the beauty of these historic set of signatures at all.   The front side with signatures was not touched at all.  The Beatles autographs along with Tommy Roe and Chris Monez were professionally framed and matted.  The signatures were NOT mounted to any backing (I opened the frame to inspect them).  Comes with letter of provenance from Dusty.

The Beatles autographs were sent  to Music Autograph Authentication Expert  Roger Epperson and his response is below:
“Yes these are fine, probably from April 63, Roger”
Comes with his full letter of Authenticity..  Also JSA Certified!

Collected at a concert at the Rialto Theater in York, England on March 13th, 1963 by Ms. Ann Lincoln.  The Beatles had just released "Love Me Do" in October of 1962 and were quickly climbing the charts.  These autographs were obtained early in the Beatles' career after having returned from Hamburg.  They were on tour with Tommy Roe and Chris Montez, who were the headliners of the tour.  It was during this tour that the infamous fight between John Lennon and Chris Montez took place.  John Lennon was ever the prankster, and trying to be funny, poured a beer over Chris Montez's head.  This caused a scuffle that was broken up by Tommy Roe.

Ms. Lincoln waited after the concert outside the Rialto and was able to get the autographs of all of the performers as they exited the theater heading to their tour bus.  All four signatures are on one sheet from an autograph book.  George Harrison and Paul McCartney both signed in green ink and Geroge wrote "Beatles" across the top of the page.  John Lennon and Ringo Starr signed in black ink.  All four autographs are very legible and in good condition.

All of the autographs, including Tommy Roe and Chris Montez, are matted and framed along with a reproduction play bill from the concert. (the Beatles were removed from frame to send to JSA, and I kept them in the plastic protective sleeve).

* See enlargeable images above and below

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
Conway's Vintage Treasures
UACC Registered Dealer No 307

Certified by BOTH JSA and Music Autograph Expert Roger Epperson.
Comes with full letter of authenticity from REAL - Roger Epperson Authentication Ltd. and JSA Letter of AuthenticityNOTE: Only the BEATLES were sent to and certified by JSA as they are the primary and most valuable by far compared to Tommy Roe and Chris Montez....   But, REAL Certified all of the signatures including Roe and Montez.  .. See COA images below..  

REMEMBER in the world of especially High Value autographs, Authenticity is EVERYTHING!  Don't be fooled by autograph sellers that try to convince you 3rd Party Independent Authentication is not critically important to your investment... There is a reason WHY suspicious autograph sellers do NOT want an independent expert analysis of their autographs.

Note:  When we submitted the Beatles signatures to JSA we removed then from the frame and put them into a hard protective plastic sleeve, which is where we kept them.    We will ship them NOT in the frame but will send both the frame and other autographs with the Beatles unframed in the protective sleeve..   The new owner can just place them back into the frame if he/she so chooses.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original