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Authentic Celebrity AUTOGRAPHS

Rare GUARANTEED AUTHENTIC Celebrity Autographs Famous signatures autographed memorabilia sports autographs signed pictures Signatures For Sale
Authentic Autographs for Sale  
Rare Authentic Celebrity Sports Baseball Autographs Signatures
Guaranteed Authentic Vintage Hollywood & Historic Autographs - Vintage Autographed Sports Memorabilia



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What is an autograph and why are they so desirable by collectors and fans?

To begin with, a famous autograph and/or signature is a historical moment captured in time.    with an original signature stroke of the pen and/or writing of an iconic celebrity from the genres of politics, Hollywood and sports.  Some of the most popular categories of autograph subjects are Presidents, military figures, sports, movie stars, popular culture, artists, social and religious leaders, scientists, astronauts and authors. You will find the most extraordinary autographs for sale here.  Autographs from historical figures of classic Hollywood. Politics, Sports and History Makers from American culture.

For savvy collectors of these rare, museum grade collectibles it is not difficult to understand how anyone could get excited about owning such a momentous relic that represents a frozen moment in time in the era of classic Hollywood, history and vintage sports. Most people will never meet their favorite movie star, sport or historical hero, so an autograph is the next best thing. An autograph is like owning a piece of that person's DNA captured when they held the piece of paper (or photo, baseball) and handwrote their name on it.   

It's all in  the Story:
Often the story behind the autograph is as exciting as the tangible signature itself.    When most people see an autograph of a historical figure, their next thought is HOW and WHEN it was acquired.   
Imagine being in the presence of Babe Ruth as he took the baseball out of your hands and began to write his name on it.  And then handing it back to you.  Maybe he gave you a big smile or said something to you.  Maybe he was in a particularly good mood that day or did something memorable. 

What intrigues most people, is the priceless story behind the once in a lifetime moment.  Not many, if any, other genre of collecting carries a story like an autograph signing.   The experience from an original stroke of the pen from an iconic celebrity can bring a lifetime of priceless fond memories   

Below are our most popular Autograph Categories:

We strive to be your primary source for the ultimate AUTHENTIC historical & celebrity autographs and choice memorabilia from Hollywood, Sports, Politics, and other special areas of interest. What you will see here are not just valuable celebrity autographs & collectibles, Celebrity Autographs Wizard of Ozthey are historical treasures from all walks of life. Here you will find the most rare, AUTHENTIC and highly collectible celebrity autographs, signed photos, contracts, original cartoon art and personal signed letters from history makers and shakers who have touched the lives of many people, maybe even you. . Watch video of George Harrison signing autographs for fans back in 1969

To some people Art is History, to others their obsession is collecting antique glass or pottery.  Or, ask a sports memorabilia collector what it feels like to hold a Babe Ruth Signed Baseball in his hand or a Honus Wagner baseball card, the word spine tingling comes to mind.

But, imagine owning a genuine piece of history from some of the most extraordinary people to ever
Historical Autographed Memorabiliagrace the earth including US Presidents, Scientists, Inventors, Hollywood legends and others that have left their immortal fingerprints on our everyday lives. An autograph is one of the most personal things we can acquire from these notables and cherish realizing it was a frozen moment in time during their lives. A signed President Theodore Roosevelt document represents a moment in his life when he stopped to write out and sign this check, in between, creating ideas and making decisions that would change the world forever. Did Thomas Edison sign this photo, when he was in the middle of inventing the light bulb or one of his other 1093 inventions? Or did Frank Sinatra sign one of our photos when he was recording "My Way" or filming "High Society".  Its like owning a piece of their DNA !   Pretty exciting when you think about it!


A NOTE about Authenticity - We go to great lengths to AUTHENTICATE our autographs, especially in the age of internet auctions that seem to have become a safe haven for career forgers and inexperienced sellers of secretarials and forgeries. It is estimated that as high as 90% of all autographs on the online auction sites like eBay are NOT authentic. We provide you 20+ years of experience and integrity. And, as always we offer a Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity on every autograph we sell.Frank Sinatra Movie Memorabilia Autographs

Note:  Most major celebrities, like Frank Sinatra signed autographs and personalized it to someone. Some collectors don’ t like inscriptions, while other collectors do. I personally don’t mind inscriptions because not only is it additional handwriting from that celebrity but it also adds to the authenticity.  Not many autograph forgers will risk providing additional evidence of their forgery handiwork by adding an inscription.  For example, for such notables as Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, Bela Lugosi , JFK and others, their handwriting was exclusively unique.  Hence, even if a forger’s signature is a close match the other elements, like inscriptions will be the dead giveaway.

Meanwhile what some people do is mat out the inscription during the framing process. For example, I will mat a photo of Mr Sinatra and at the bottom of the mat have a separate opening for the signature. If my client does not want the inscription showing, only the signature will appear in the autograph window. On the other hand, others will actually cut out the signature only from the autograph paper. Many dealers do this and sell it as an un-inscribed autograph. We would rather let the new owner decide if he/she wants to alter the autographed piece to accommodate the final presentation.

** One way to protect yourself from the risk of buying a forgery from a "questionable" dealer is to only buy from a UACC Registered Dealer as UACC Dealers MUST adhere to a strict code of conduct.  It is important to note anyone selling fake autographs CAN NOT be a UACC Dealer.   Accordingly it is no surprise you may encounter a "suspicious" dealer that disparages the UACC for obvious self-serving reasons.  

Read our article
"Ten Warning Signs a Dealer May Be Selling Autograph Forgeries"......  It could save you from being hoodwinked by an unethical seller of autograph forgeries.

?*NOTE:   If you see  "SOLD OUT" on an item you're interested in, let us know. In many cases we can locate another.   . .ALSO, to bypass SOLD OUT items, select by HIGHEST PRICE in the SORT BY drop down just above the item listings, below.

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