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Harry Houdini Vintage Signature Autograph RARE Variant PSA

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Harry Houdini Original Vintage Magic Memorabilia Collectibles Autographs For Sale
Harry Houdini
Rare Authentic Vintage Signed Autograph
Superb Large 3" signature

PSA Certfied Authentic
PSA Encapsulated


Here is an extraordinary piece of history.  The greatest magician that ever lived , whose popularity today is even more then when he was alive 100 years ago...  

Amazing  large 3" signature in vintage fountain pen ink, on a blank page taken from one of his books.    Terrific authentic flamboyant signature with his large “H” connecting both first and last names.    Rare signature variant.   

Has been Certfied Authentic and Encapsulted by PSA.  * See image above

Once in a while, especially for friends, Houdini would compose a more time consuming whimsical autograph which was usually larger with a more artistic flow.    This is one of those Prized finds!

Special Note:  
This large Rare Houdini signature variant came from the back page of Houdini's Twice Signed book "The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin" .  The second signature  (this one we are offering here)  came from the back blank page of his book "The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin" .     Houdini also signed the first page of the book with his unquestionable common signature and long dated inscription.    Both signatures are in vintage fountain pen ink.     The book was the property of famous comedic magician Gordon Freeman (see his bio below).    


* See images above and below.  (Note: Houdini photo copy not included but is easily available online) 

NOTE:   You may have already seen the Museum Grade TYPE I Houdini photos we have listed here on our website.  Imagine how one of those Historic Houdini photos would looked framed with this Spectacular Authentic Autograph?

 * This Gem has been Certfied Authentic and Encapsulted by PSA.  * See images below

Condition: Excellent vintage toned page removed from one of his famous books for museum quality presentation. 

A prized find any collector will be proud to have and showcase ..

NOTE: Be sure to check out our new Houdini finds including an Amazing Autographed book and Two original vintage "Houdini Challenge" handbills/posters.   See Houdini Collection HERE

More Background Info:
For those of you that have been kind enough to stay with my newsletter for a lengthy time now, You have probably realized I've evolved into an avid  Harry Houdini admirer and collecting enthusiast.   

NOTE:  After 40 years of collecting I've developed a high degree of skill and expertise with Mr Houdini's Authentic signature and handwriting.  Consequently, I am able to detect Well-done Forgeries such as those I've seen on eBay recently, that most collectors and dealers would easily miss.   Which is why we also Guarantee Authenticity for Life .   * Many of my customers know that the History Channel’s  hit TV Show “Pawn Stars” had an episode in December 2014 where they invited a reputable dealer to appear with a museum grade SIGNED Harry Houdini book.  The episode was titled, “Hiding Houdini”.  I was that dealer.   The producers found our website, Cvtreasures, and contacted me several times trying to recruit me for their show.    And eventually I appeared in Three episodes including the historic Houdini episode.   You can still Google this episode. 

And if you've been getting my vintage collectibles newsletter for some time then you most likely have not met anyone else that scours the Universe in search of the most extraordinary Houdini artifacts and Signed Memorabilia from the most famous and  immortal magician.   Even the History Channel’s hit TV show “Pawn Stars” was so impressed with our Houdini Collection when they discovered my website and repeatedly invited me to appear on their show.   After about a year of cajoling, I flew to Las Vegas and did three episodes on “Pawn Stars” with Rick and Corey, although private I spent more time with Chumley  and chatted with the “Old Man” in his office.   You can see our favorite episode “Hiding Houdini” available on demand.

Houdini is one of those Rare historical figures whose popularity has crossed over to generation after generation without skipping a beat.  His star shines as bright as it did 100 years ago, maybe even brighter today than ever.    That’s why both young and old are mesmerized by Houdini and why Houdini collectors are so passionate.

Authentic Houdini signed items (especially of this quality) don’t appear on the market very often.      * This Gem has been Certfied Authentic and Encapsulted by PSA.  * See images below

Note:   Since we last offered a Signed Harry Houdini book about three years ago,  his signed treasures, Especially his books like "The Unmasking of Robert-Houdin" have significantly increased in value, selling regualrly at Magic Specialty auctions for $5000-7000!    

Guaranteed Authentic for Life
Conway's Vintage Treasures

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

* See enlargeable images above and below