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John F. Kennedy JFK Original Vintage Large Style Campaign Poster


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John F. Kennedy JFK
Original Vintage Campaign Poster 

John F. Kennedy: A Classic 1960 Campaign Poster. Posters in this design appeared  at the 1960 Democratic National Convention and in many photos of that iconic event.  Very Good-Excellent condition with minor indications of usage like corner staple holes and small chips off some corners. 


Important Info:
There are many of these posters on the market that have at the bottom “Democrat National Convention….”.     Based on my 40 years experience I believe these are NOT original campaign posters but may have been issued as souvenirs after the election.   All of the posters with the same image listed on eBay I could see had the “Democrat National Convention..” copyright on bottom.   In my opinion, based on my research,  these are possibly reproductions issued as souvenirs after the election .

Here is why.    I have personally owned three of these posters which I acquired from people in the Boston  area that were close friends of JFK or were involved in JFK’s Presidential  campaign and were at the DNC 1960 Convention.    And every one of those Original posters had at the bottom  “Citizens for Kennedy and Johnson” at the bottom.    I have never acquired what I knew was unquestionably an original JFK Campaign poster,  that had “Democrat National Convention …” at the bottom

Note: This poster also has a nice vintage ink pen notation of provenance on the back.  A nice additional layer of authenticity.

* See enlargeable image above and below


Original Vintage 1960  Political Campaign Poster (measures 13 1/4" x 21 1/4")
Kennedy for President, the 1960 poster encouraging citizens to vote for John F. Kennedy for President of the United States of America (and Lyndon B. Johnson for Vice President). This poster features a close-up photograph of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT On original