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Wizard of Oz Original Vintage Studio Still Photo Deleted scene


"The Wizard of Oz", 1939
Original Vintage 8x10" Studio Still Photo

RARE Deleted "Bee Hive" Scene


Very rare Historical original 1939 release photo still.   Yes, these are the same original stills that often sell for $1000 at auction.  Has the copyright in lower left "Copyright 1939 Loews Inc". 

The vintage sepia toning and  the amazing contrast make this one of the most remarkable original vintage Oz photos we’ve ever seen. 

Dated 1939 with Loews Copyright in lower left 

Note that this still shows a RARE image from the deleted "bee-hive" scene. In the scene, the Wicked Witch causes a swarm of bees to fly out of the Tin-Man, but they can't sting him and leave, except for one on Dorothy's arm which the Tin-Man accidentally kills when grabbing it. The scene was cut after previews and the animated bees were never created/finished.  * If you look close you can see the animates Bees on Jack Haley's (The Tinman) arm. 

Apparently the still was used in a newspaper or magazine, because there are a few dabs of paint on the still, but not near the faces of the stars. Photo has some light creases.   Also has several copyright labels on back

* See enlargeable images above and below


The Wizard of Oz (MGM, 1939). Photo (8" X 10").
Vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy photo.  Offered here is a  fantastic shot of Dorothy (Judy Garland) , the "Scarecrow" and "Tinman" . . This is the "Bee Hive" scene ypou never saw becasue it was deleted.  And I was unable to find this photo anywhere else!    This may be the ONly image that proves there was a deleted "Bee Hive" scene. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original