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Barnum Bailey Circus Vintage Poster Let Freedom Ring 1943


 Vintage Antique Old Ringling Brothers Barnum Bailey Circus Posters Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus 
Original Vintage Circus Poster
Let Freedom Ring

Artist:   Bill Bailey



Stunning Original Barnum & Bailey Circus Poster .

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus "Let Freedom Ring" Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Present the Most Beautiful and Inspirational Spectacle in the History of the Circus, "Let Freedom Ring," in Which the United Nations March and Engage in Festive Ceremonials, Garbed in Native Holiday Finery, Rich, Exotic and Appealing. Exultant in the Vision of Happy Tomorrows, When the Four Freedoms Shall Be Shared Alike by All the Peoples of the Earth.   1943 Beautiful Vintage Half Sheet Circus Poster by artist Bill Bailey 

Condition:  Very Good-Excellent 100% Original UNrestored condition.   Has minor border and fold wear.  Has former owner’s stamps around image area, which could easily be restored out if so desired.         See below about this well known owner.  

BIO:  Ted Deppish was a well known circus collector.  Extensive background information can be found online by Googling his name. 

The second stamp came from one of the most well known vintage circus poster collectors of the 1940s, Pete Mardo who collected only the most rare of posters.  This collector appears to have been meticulous about stamping all his acquisitions.  So if you have a poster with his stamp on it, you know you have a particularly Rare and desirable poster.  You can find more information about him by researching online.   Pete Mardo was a famous Barnum & Bailey Circus Clown who passed away in 1956.    The Circus Fans Association in Mardo’s hometown of  Akron OH started the Pete Mardo Tent Fans Association of America in the late 30s/early 1940s. 

We found a 1942 article from Billboard April 25, 1942 mentioning the Pete Mardo Tent Fans Association of America. 

Size:  about 20x28"

*See enlargeable images above and below.