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Nautical Seascape Paintings Art

Antique Fine Art Seascape Paintings Oil Canvas Nautical Marine Ocean Painting Artwork For Sale
Original Vintage Antique Fine Art
Original Vintage Marine, Nautical Art & Seascape Paintings Oil Canvas Watercolors


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To some people music is the cure for all stresses, others it's the sound of the ocean or the wind racing across a landscape. Then to many it is all the emotion that went into creating a stirring work of art. We don't pretend to be art experts; we are just collectors of primitive fine art, primarily from the 18th, 19th and early 20th century. There is just something alluring, even fascinating about a work of art that has far outlived its master and will continue on long after we are gone.

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For the collector of vintage, it is the historic look and feel, a moment in time captured on canvas. When I look at our Battle Ship scene from 1894, I wonder what it was like to be onboard, sweating from the heat and loading another canon ball. Or, the baby in the 18th century painting, what did he grow up to be and how long did he live. I guess that's what art does to som people, it takes them to a different, more relaxing place and allows them dream.  We all have our own personal story.  And, it belongs to no one else but us. 

Our exclusive selection is primarily made up of 18th and 19th Century stunning Nautical seascapes, breath-taking landscapes, stimulating portraits and a few unusual gems. I hope you enjoy our selection.Most of our vintage art is signed by a "Listed Artist" and for some we list auction result examples for that artist's work. On others without a signature? Well, these were such incredibly amazing works of art, we just didn't care if there was a signature or not.

Here we are offering Spectacular Vintage Seascapes, Marine and Nautical Art

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