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First Aircraft Carrier USS Langley Historical Original Photo


Original Vintage Military Navy Memorabilia Collectibles Photos Photography For Sale
"America's First Aircraft Carrier" - USS Langley
Original Vintage Historic Military TYPE I Photo, 1923


Amazing historic TYPE I photo of the first Naval Aircraft Carrier the USS Langley in 1923.    

* See enlargeable images above and below

One thing the US learned from WWI was they needed to invest in a formidable Naval aircraft capability.  And it would be the Navy Air & Sea fighting machinery that would save America from the unthinkable just 20 years later. 

1923 USS Langley, "Americas First Aircraft Carrier" Historic Military Photo

1923 Rare photograph of the first aircraft carrier in the United States fleet, the USS Langley. A rare piece of military history, issued by the International News and date stamped on the back with a nice paper caption as well.

Size: 6.5x8.5
Designation: Vintage 1

Note:   Cvtreasures stamp Not on orignal