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Giant James Dean Elizabeth Taylor Original Vintage Still Photo

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"Giant", 1956
Original Vintage Glossy Still Photo (8x10")
Starring James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson

Striking original 8x10" promotional glossy still photo used to promote this cinematic masterpiece!  Even more beautiful then the lobby cards...  A particularly surreal image of the iconic James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor..   Photo actually taken in 1955 during production.   The iconic images of James Dean are considered the best of any images captured for the promotion of this historic film. 

Giant (Warner Brothers, 1956). Original Promotional Still Photo (8" X 10").
James Dean as the wildcatter Jett Rink, finds the woman of his dreams (Elizabeth Taylor). The only problem is that she's already married to his employer and Texas rancher Bick Benedict (Rock Hudson). The inevitable conflict between the two men, in their passions and their jealousies is what drove the plot.   Tragically James Dean would not live to see the finished masterpiece..  Excellent condition, no pinholes..   
 These vintage photo stills are in particularly amazing condition with none of the wrinkling or crinkling handing wear or corner pinholes typically seen... Nice flawless glossy finish.    It is very likely they were not used due to lack of mounting damage.  Although we have had the lobby cards over the years, this is the first time we have acquired these gorgeous color vintage 1956 publicity still photos

With a very attractive, slight vintage sepia tone that is not noticeable in the website images , but are quite striking in person! And they add a nice touch of authenticity to the 60+ year vintage photos.   

* See enlargeable image above..  including the dated copyright information in the lower right border. 

NOTE:   We have 12 spectacular vintage photos from this film.   Many are of scenes not included in the lobby cards, such as a few with James Dean.  This original 1956 
promotional stills represent scenes photographed at no other time but for these stills.   .   Also, the colors and contrast of these glossy still photos are superior to the lobby cards which are often dull and faded.   These vintage photo stills are in particularly amazing condition with none of the wrinkling or crinkling handing wear or corner pinholes typically seen...   It is very likely they were not used due to lack of mounting damage.  


Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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