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Marilyn Monroe Vintage Photo for Movie Mirror Magazine 1960

Marilyn Monroe
Vintage Photo for Movie Mirror Magazine
, 1960
& 1965

Stunning 6.5 x 8.5" black and white United Press International press photo from January 26, 1960.  According to stamps on the back of the photo, it appears that the image was used in two editions of MOVIE MIRROR MAGAZINE:  August 1960 and March 1965.  The photo itself has been trimmed, but you can see from a quick examination that only the thin white borders around the image were cropped; the original image remains complete.  Many photos actually used for publication were trimmed and cropped to fit into the magazine.. THIS IMAGE OF MONROE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! ...You can even count the freckles on her arm.

Note: The original 1965 Movie Mirror Magazine is included which has this photo for an article about Marilyn. 

The photo itself rates very good to excellent.  There are a few dimple creases on the photo, but they are only noticeable from close range.  Also, there remains on the bottom left corner of the photo a piece of an original sticker, which must have been used for publication.  I can infer that the first line states "pub" (publication), which is followed by MM (Movie Mirror).  The second line must have read "issue", the third reads "page" (24 E).

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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