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Barbra Streisand Original Vintage TV Special publicity photo


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Barbra Streisand

Original Vintage CBS TV publicity photo
My Name is Barbra", 1965

Very Rare Original Vintage publicity photo for Barbra Streisand's new CBS 1965 TV Special "My Name is Barbra".   First time we have seen an original publicity photo for this TV special.  Has the original CBS studio promotional snipe on the back .    This was acquired from a collection of other Vintage CBS TV Special publicity photos,, like for "The Judy Garland Show", which we have FOUR listed on this website.  .  

 * See full-color, enlargeable images above and below

Barbra Streisand (CBS, 1963). Photos (8" X 10"). Musical.
Original Vintage publicity photo for the new of Barbra Streisand playing a tiny piano on the set of My Name is Barbra (CBS, 1965).  Has a wrap-around studio snipe attached with adhesive on the verso. Please see full-color, enlargeable images above for more details.