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World War II Original Navy Historical Photograph Vintage Photo


Historical Navy Military Aviation War Photo
World War II Original Navy Historical TYPE I Photograph
 1944 "Raid on Rabaul"

Photographer Wayne Miller

PSA Certified TYPE I 


When you hear the term Photographic masterpiece, THIS is what one looks like!

RARE TYPE I Vintage PSA Certified Photo.  Not only an important photo for its historic representation, but the image looks like a scene that a master artist would paint.  The squadron of planes, the warship below, the glistening Pacific ocean, the illuminated clouds.  Simply stunning!  

Extraordinary provenance on back of this historic TYPE I Photo with official Navy Press release information including photographer notations. 

* See enlargeable images above and below

 1944 "Raid on Rabaul" World War II Original Navy Photograph by Wayne Miller, PSA/DNA Type 1.
Important WWII image from the Pacific theatre depicts massive convoy of planes heading toward their next objective, the Japanese base at Rabaul. The raid occurred in November of 1943 and the image was printed in January of 1944. Dated caption stamped on verso is titled "Raid on Rabaul" this is stamped on the back. Official U.S. Navy photograph is the work of noted photographer Wayne Miller. Measures approximately 8x10". Encapsulated by PSA/DNA, Type 1.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original