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Elvis Presley Christmas Special Promotional Program Booklet '67

Elvis' Christmas Special Promotional Program Booklet (1967)

Rare, Mint Condition 1967 Elvis Christmas Special Promotional Booklet.  First time we have seen one of these.  Acquired from the estate of Elvis Concert Manager Al Dvorin
We also have a couple booklets from his 1968 Christmas Special

Elvis' Christmas Special Promotional Booklet (1967). Most of the 28-page booklet is a listing of the radio stations carrying Elvis' 30-minute Christmas Special radio broadcast, but the limited distribution publication also promotes Elvis' latest movie "Clambake", his three Christmas albums, and his two albums of sacred music. Another page offers Seasons Greetings from Elvis Presley Music, Inc. and from Gladys Music, Inc., and the back cover is a holiday message from "Elvis and the Colonel." We rarely see this item, but Al Dvorin's personal collection has afforded us a few Mint copies! From the Al Dvorin Archive.

Note: These are promotional booklets sent to TV and  radio stations to promote Elvis's TV and Radio specials.  The booklet primarily lists all the radio stations that will be playing Elvis songs and Christmas special in 1968. It is not a book filled with photos, but a 28 page booklet for promotional purposes.  And it was Never available for purchase and was for TV and radio stations ONLY, hence why it is so rare. .

Note: we also have an original letter from Col Tom Parker to Al Dvorin with a special photo of Elvis in Hawaii, listed here in our Elvis Presley collection.   Which we acquired from the same Al Dvorin estate auction we got this Booklet from.

BIO From Al Dvorin Wiki page:
Albert Dvorin (18 November 1922 in Chicago, Illinois - 22 August 2004 near Ivanpah, California) was an American bandleader and talent agent who coined the phrase "Elvis has left the building."

Dvorin met Elvis Presley through Colonel Tom Parker in 1955, and organized Presley's concert tours for the next 22 years. After Presley's death, Dvorin kept a low profile, attending Elvis conventions only after Parker's death.

Presley's Estate never gave Dvorin any royalties from his famous phrase, causing him to hold some animosity towards the organization.

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