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Wizard of OZ Original Vintage Half Sheet Movie Poster

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The Wizard of Oz movie film theater posters memorabilia collectibles For Sale
The Wizard of Oz

Original Vintage Movie Poster Half Sheet (22x28")
Starring - Judy Garland, Ray Bolger, Jack Haley, 
Bert Lahr, Frank Morgan, Margaret Hamilton 

RARE Half Sheet Style B


"Time has been powerless to erase the enduring magic of this wonderful 1939 film which has delighted generations of children, both young and old, for nearly eight decades"

On Saturday, March 23, 2019 an Original 1939 "Wizard of OZ" Half Sheet sold at auction for $108,000.  We don't have a 1939 half sheet, but we have the next best thing,  a 1949 re-release Half Sheet , with spectacular artwork and graphics that many collectors think surpasses the 1939 release half sheet.  

See enlargeable images above and below. 

Note: This is the More RARE Style B Half Sheet.  Over the past 40 years collecting we have owned the Style A 1949 Half Sheet twice. However this is the First time we have owned the Rare Style B Poster.  Based on our research, only about 3 of these are known to exist.    The designs are very similar with Style A including images of the costars heads, while Style B has more scenes from the movie including the Stunning color "Poppy Field" scene with the four main characters right above Judy Garlands head.    * Note: This spectacualr Rare poster has been  professional restored and paper backed.   It was in very good condition but had some border tears.  But surprisingly it was never folded as are most all pre 1975 half sheets.  Hence, none of the deep vertical and horizontal creases seen in 95% of vintage half sheets. 

Many collectors like the 1949 half sheets and lobby cards better then the original 1939 release because the artwork and graphics are superior and of course they are much less expensive, especially in the case of the half sheets, they are about $100,000 less!. 

Simply Gorgeous 1949 rerelease of this 1939 Iconic film's Half sheet movie poster.  And one of the best posters ever made for this epic fantasy film.  This masterpiece classic film poster is the one to own!

Extremely RARE ORIGINAL Wizard of Oz half sheet from the 1949 re-release that you're NOT likely to see again!  This is style B which was the more rare style poster for this timeless classic 1949 theatrical re-release.   The graphics on this are Stunning!  About the best of any Oz poster!  

Note:  Like many of the significant movies, "The Wizard of OZ" had a number of theatrical re-releases.  These were only for films that were so popular, that they were re-released in theaters across the country for a short period after the original release.  The Wizard of Oz had three official theatrical releases, 1939, 1949 and 1955.  Some film like Casablanca and Frankenstein had more then Five theatrical re-releases.   Of course this was to meet the public's desire long before the ON-Demand technology revolution. 

As a matter of fact, The Wizard of OZ popularity was so overwhelming it became a national annual event.  every year the family would wait in anticipation for that ONCE a Year TV Showing of OZ.  And the family HAD to be together,  because there was no DVR or On Demand that we have today.    For those of us old enough to remember, OZ was an exciting  surreal experience !

This Oz treasure is in very good condition with border and fold  wear and small border tears and some age related staining. However, it has been professionally paper backed and the minor flaws restored.   And this  RARE never to be seen again Gem, looks Amazing!  All that said, this is a VERY RARE opportunity to own one of the most magnificent pieces of Cinematic History !  A must have for the Oz, Classic Hollywood or Judy Garland collector!   

This poster is in very good condition.  Prior to minor restoration and paper backing it had  with some border tears and border staining, but surprisingly it was never folded as are most all pre 1975 half sheets.  .      So, the FIRST person to secure its purchase is the Lucky New Owner to enjoy this stunning gem displayed in his/her home!   *The image above is what it will look like after minor issues are addressed with professional restoration. 

NOTE: we are sending for restoration and paper-backing and expect it to be complete by mid January.  But, there's a good chance it will be sold to a very lucky OZ collector by then, maybe to YOU!

See enlargeable images above and below. 

The Wizard of Oz (MGM, R-1949). Half Sheet (22" X 28") Style B. MGM's enduring classic was filmed in 1939 for an estimated budget of some 2.75 million dollars. This was one of the most costly films ever made. This poster presents a great image of Judy Garland and her three friends as well as wonderful scenes from the film.

*This Style B is the More Rare 1949 "Wizard of Oz" half sheet. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp not on original

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