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Interior Designers Challenged by Atypical Projects

What Do You Do When an Atypical Design Project Requires "Out of the Box" Thinking?

Every few months we are contacted by an interior designer or decorator who is looking to develop a special theme for their clients.  And because we search for and acquire some of the most rare , desirable vintage historical treasures, our inventory is unmatched by most any other source or memorabilia dealer.   We don’t just invest in any memorabilia; we look for extraordinary exclusive artifacts from classic Hollywood, Sports and Historical figures and events.  For example, where else would you find an original handwritten “love letter” from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra?  Or a Civil War related document signed by Abraham Lincoln?  Or original movie posters actually used to promote timeless film classics like the “Wizard of Oz”, “The Wolf Man” or “The Godfather”?   Or an original Muhammad Ali fight poster.

Much of our collection inventory is material that you would only expect to find in a museum. Below are some of the projects the interior design industry has requested our help with.

- A dentist re-designing his office with all original movie posters & memorabilia from the legendary 
  comedy  team Abbot 8 Costello
- A restaurant creates a vintage Hollywood theme with Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart and other movie legend’s original poster
- A client who wants to build a home movie theatre and compliment it with original vintage movie posters and autographed photos
- A client who is a big Frank Sinatra fan and wants to display Sinatra memorabilia in his music studio
- A radio station that wants to design their lobby with vintage music artists like Elvis Presley, Nat King Cole, and other such memorabilia

And, the list goes on.  Meanwhile, you will most likely have a client in the near future that has such a unique requirement.  But, because of the highly unique needs and very limited sources to find such rare, original material you may find yourself in an unfavorable dilemma unable to support such a project and end up losing that client.  Hence, please keep us in mind when that time comes, we can most definitely help you. . .

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