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Judy Garland Original Vintage Photo Clarence Bull 1937


Original Vintage Classic Old Film Movie Judy Garland Memorabilia Collectibles Photos Clarence Bull Photography For Sale
Judy Garland
Original Vintage TYPE I Photo, 1937
Photographer: Clarence Bull


1937 Judy Garland, "Americas Young Superstar" Portrait by Clarence Sinclair Bull

Amazing early vintage photo of a 15 year old Judy Garland taken by famous MGM photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull.    Clarence Bull photography alone is in high demand by collectors, but one of an iconic figure as Judy Garland is in a league of its own !  A breath-taking portrait of Garland, one of her earliest taken just as she became one of MGM’s most valuable assets.    * See enlargeable images above and below..

1937 Extremely early studio photo of Judy Garland from the genesis of her career. Stamped on the back by famous MGM photographer Clarence Sinclair Bull and file stamped by Underwood and Underwood, this is her finest early portrait photo we have ever handled!

Size: 8x10

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original