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Son of Frankenstein Vintage TYPE I Photo still Karloff Lugosi


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Original Vintage Universdal Studio TYPE I Publicity Photo (8x10")
Starring Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone and Bela Lugosi



One of the most iconic and visually gripping images of 20th century horror cinema 

You may recall a number of times I've usd the term “Historic Masterpiece Photography” in this weekly newsletter.  Maybe you are not quite sure what that is. Well, this recent extraordinary find pretty much epitomizes that definition.   This jaw dropping historic classic Horror Photo from the 1939 "Son of Frankenstein"  is a true photographic masterpiece.  From 1939 when there were no computers, no internet, no Photoshop.  Imagine how the Universal photographer created this stunning, realisitic image of Basil Rathbone “Dr Frankenstein” and brilliantly incorporated both Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff into Dr Frankenstein’s head mirror.   

* This is Not just a photo.  This is breath-taking Art

This image was so impressive that Universal Studio executives had it used for their original one sheet movie poster  (one sold last year for over $51,000!).  Although the poster image lacks the photographic detail of this stunning image!   

It is one of the most iconic images of 20tn century horror cinema and highly sought after by serious classic Horror & Sci Fi Collectors.   

NOTE:  This historic photo has extraordinary provenance on the back in the form of a Universal Studio snipe attached to it, which has much information about the upcoming movie and its stars!

Many consider this to be one of Bela Lugosi's best performances as the creepy evil lab assistant Ygor and Bela arguably was the movie's scene stealer.   * And amazing condition for it 85 years!

* See enlargeable images above and below 

Son of Frankenstein (Universal, 1939). Very Fine.  Vintage TYPE I Photo (8" X 10") 
This was the third of Universal's Frankenstein films, and the last worthwhile entry before the series dissolved into sequels without Boris Karloff as the Monster. Jack Pierce as usual, did an incredible makeup job on Karloff. The previous two entries, Frankenstein (1931) and The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), were big hits, as was this entry. In this installment, Basil Rathbone portrays the son of the famed doctor, and Bela Lugosi is Ygor, the demented hunchback. An incredibly elusive vintage photo that features all three monster greats -- Karloff, Rathbone and Lugosi.

This would be Boris Karloff's third and last appearance in the role as the Monster; at 51 years of age, he was getting too old to deal with the eight hour makeup job by Jack Pierce. The film remains a classic from Universal's horror library and original vintage TYPE I photos like this are very hard to find. 

After Carl Laemmle sold Universal Studios, it was the new owners' intention to make higher quality films and stay away from those disreputable horror movies. But with the public clamoring for the Monster from the Frankenstein series, the new owners caved into the demands and created the Son of Frankenstein. Money talks so the Monster walks. And the studio heads went all-in as they cast Basil Rathbone as the original creator's son Wolf von Frankenstein, and placed Bela Lugosi into one of his best roles ever, as the evil lab assistant Ygor. Karloff would reprise his role of the Monster for the last time and bring an instant sympathy to the character despite heavy makeup and limited dialog. This very scarce vintage photo features the image used to create the artwork for the one sheets; depicting the Monster and Ygor in the mad doctor's reflector. Posters for this title, like all classic Universal horror films of the 1930s, are considered to be some of the "Holy Grails" of movie poster collecting.

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