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Harvey, 1950 James Stewart Lobby Card sister


"Harvey", 1950
Original Lobby Card
Starring James Stewart

"Elwood's Sister finally gets her Man!"

One of the great scenes in the movie Jesse White and Elwood Dodd's Niece (Cecil Calaway) engage in a romantic encounter (kind of), you remember of course .....  Great vintage lobby card with terrific border art of Stewart and "Harvey"!

This is fantastic and scarce original coveted lobby card for James Stewart's most adored classic. Excellent Condition!    Just great image of Jesse White and Elwood Dodd's Niece (Cecil Calaway)!   * And don't forget Wallace Ford (who was in the 1932 highly controversial film "Freaks") play a brief but very key role here as the Taxi driver.... just think about the message his few lines convey??   i.e. don't be judgmental, like other's dream and love and live , especially when they don't "conform to society"..

* Note:  We recently acquired the complete lobby card set of eight cards from this classic.  See others below under "Similar Treasures You May Like"

Harvey (Universal International, 1950).  Lobby Card (11" X 14").
There's good news if you're a social outcast: perhaps a "pookah" (a mischievous Celtic mythological creature) will show up to aid you! That's what happens to James Stewart in his most hilarious comedy. Here's a great looking title lobby card with amazing artwork!  Excellent condition..  * See enlargeable image above

James Stewart plays Elwood P. Dowd, a wealthy and eccentric drunk who sees an imaginary rabbit, a claim that raises the eyebrows of local townspeople. Although his sister (Josephine Hull, in an Oscar-winning turn) occasionally sees him too, Stewart's imaginary friend begins to interfere with her plan to find a suitable husband for her daughter.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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