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POPEYE CARTOON Original Vintage Movie Short Film Poster

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Original Vintage Movie Short Film Poster

Amazing and Rare "Popeye" one sheet poster actually used in theaters to lure in movie goers with this added pre movie attraction.   Very good condition and has has been professionally linen backed. 

* See enlargeable image above

 POPEYE CARTOON linen 1sh '43 Paramount animation, great art of him close up & eating spinach!
Film Description: Popeye Cartoon, the 1943 Paramount Pictures stock poster created for theaters showing Popeye animation animated cartoons. Theaters would order one of these posters and then display it when they showed a Popeye cartoon along with their features. The poster had a blank area in Popeye's forearm, where studio-issued snipes could be glued (or a theater could write in the name of a cartoon in that area). Note that Paramount sadly looked to save money on its Popeye posters in the 1940s, and instead of making an individual one for every cartoon, they solely made one stock poster in 1943, and they did not make 
Important Added Info: Note that this 1943 stock poster is surprisingly rare, perhaps it was because it was during the middle of World War II, and few survived the paper drives. Usually, stock posters like this are found either blank, with the name of a short written in by hand, or with a printed snipe glued on.