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Stars of MGM Original Poster Lithograph Autographed 23 Stars


Rare Vintage Celebrity Autographs Movie For Sale
Stars of MGM
Original Poster Lithograph Autographed (by 23)  Classic Movie Stars 


Rare vintage MGM Lithograph Poster autographed by 23 Major Movie Stars.   * See enlargeable image above. 

Stars of MGM (Nostalgia Merchant, 1979). Rolled, Very Fine+. Signed and Numbered Poster (24" X 30"). Miscellaneous.
This poster from the Nostalgia Merchant features the signatures of twenty-three of 20th Century Fox's major stars including Janet Leigh, Mary Astor, Jackie Cooper, Irene Dunne, Eleanor Powell, Van Johnson, Vincente Minnelli, Cyd Charisse, Fernando Lamas, Esther Williams, Donald O'Connor, June Allyson, Kathryn Grayson, Ann Rutherford, Peter Lawford, and more. An unrestored poster with bright color and a clean overall appearance. It may have general signs of use, such as slight fold edge wear, light creases, or very minor tears. The poster is numbered 14/2000. Rolled, Very Fine+.

Description: The Stars of Metro Goldwyn Mayer, the late 1970s commercial poster featuring a close-up of the classic MGM logo against a red background with the signatures of MGM stars. Not all of the stars signed every poster but the stars included: June Allyson, Mary Astor, Lew Ayres, Cyd Charisse, Jackie Cooper, James Craig, Gloria DeHaven, Tom Drake, Irene Dunne, Kathryn Grayson, Virginia Grey, Van Johnson, Fernando Lamas, Peter Lawford, Janet Leigh, Tony Martin, Vincente Minnelli, Margaret O'Brien, Donald O'Connor, Joe Pasternak, Eleanor Powell, Ann Rutherford and Esther Williams... Note that this was published by The Nostalgia Merchant, which was a company owned by Snuff Garrett. He worked in the movies, and he was a poster/lobby card collector, and he thought there would be a market for posters signed by a number of then-living stars. This is one of several different posters he created, and of course, in this case, he rounded up classic MGM stars, and arranged for each of them to sign a number of these posters, which he then marketed to collectors (and there were actually several different editions of this "The Stars of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" poster, done over a few year period, with different stars signing each different edition). There were also several other posters he produced, each one devoted to a different theme, and each one was signed by a number of actors related to that theme. We have heard from a knowledgeable source that it took over a year to complete all of the signatures for the posters. Employees of Nostalgia Merchant/Snuff Garrett would often travel to the stars homes or their offices, or the stars would come to Hollywood to sign. To sign all prints in the series took each star approximately 5 to 6 hours! 

Note: Some of these autographs sell for hundreds of $$ on their own, like Peter Lawford

NOTE:  The Nostalgia
Merchant is the same company that produced other beautiful Lithographs that were autographed by major retired movie stars, like "The Wizard of OZ" with both Jack Haley and Ray Bolger autographs (we have Two of these limited Signed lithographs),  "Tarzan" autographed by Johnny Weissmuller, Roy Rogers , Gene Autry and Mae West.   The Nostalgia Merchant partnered with this retired movie legends to autograph a limited number of the Lithographs in the late 1970s.   See others we have below under, "Other Treasures You May Like".     We have acquired all of these signed lithographs over the past several years.  HOWEVER, it should be noted we have never owned the Multi (23) Signed MGM Lithograph we are offering hereAs a matter of fact, we only recently saw two of these appear on the market, both of which we acquired.   This one and another.  The other comes with  the original COA.  (Note: The COA doesn't list Jackie Cooper, who also signed the lithographs).  This one comes with our Lifetime Guarantee of Anthenticity..

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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