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CLOWN Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster Red Skelton


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The Clown, 1953
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster 
Starring Red Skelton


Gorgeous original vintage one sheet movie poster with terrific artwork!  Very good condition with border wear.  
* See enlargeable images above 

Note: This is the Rare original 1953 release, NOT the 1963 re-release more commonly seen. 

The Clown (MGM, 1953). One Sheet (27" X 41"). 
Dodo the Clown is a funny man with a serious drinking problem. His son Dink is amused by Dodo's act, but not so the circus owner who dismisses Dodo for having insulted a paying customer. Dodo also ruins a job audition by turning up drunk.
Starring Red Skelton, Jane Greer, Tim Considine, Loring Smith, Philip Ober, Lou Lubin, Fay Roope, Walter Reed, Eddie Marr, Billy Barty, and Charles Bronson. Directed by Robert Z. Leonard.