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"Among Those Present", Harold Lloyd Original Title Card, 1921


"Among Those Present", 1921
Original Title Card
Starring Harold Lloyd

RARE Title Card from "Among Those Present", 1921. This is also an incredible find for any silent movie or Harold Lloyd collector (I like to think of investor). This Title Card is in very good condition. About 1/2 inch was trimmed from top and bottom, not affecting any part of the image whatsoever. Size is 9.5" x 14".  But, it was all excesssive border trimmed , noneof the images area.  Even the copyright info is in the lower right corner "Copyright Associated Inc 1921". Many of the silent movie lobby cards were actuallyonly  8x10" inside a 3x4" border to make it 11x14" total size. Great vintage artwork. Has survived well over it's 89 year lifespan!! A wonderful find.

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