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Laurel & Hardy Swiss Miss Vintage Still Photo 1938

Swiss Miss, 1938
Original Vintage Movie Still Photo
Starring Laurel and Hardy

Terrific vintage photo still from this memorable Laurel and Hardy classic.  Great closeup portrait. We recently acquired SIX Original photo stills from this title.  Just search in search box for Swiss Miss photo.

Swiss Miss (MGM, 1938). Photo (8" X 10").
As delightful as the movie itself, these six vintage gelatin silver, glossy photos feature Hollywood's most lovable funnymen, Laurel and Hardy, sporting Alpine regalia as they try to strike it rich in Switzerland. When Stan and Ollie try their hand as mousetrap salesmen, they're swindled out of all their money by, of course, a Swiss cheesemaker. An opera singer, a gorilla and a piano all play a part in the shenanigans that inevitably unfold.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original photo

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