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Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho Original Movie Poster one sheet


Alfred Hitchcock's most nail-biting thriller of all time!!
"PSYCHO", 1960
ORIGINAL Vintage Movie Poster One Sheet (27x41)



Original movie one-sheet poster from the 1965 reissue of the Alfred Hitchcock classic, "PSYCHO". This is an original poster not a reproduction. A groundbreaking classic of the horror thriller film genre starring Janet Leigh, Martin Balsam, and of course, Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates.

This poster is in Excellent  condition Has beenb professionally linen backed and looks Amazing. 

A great item for the Hitchcock, horror, or movie fan!

Same graphics as the 1960 release with the exception of Hitchcock's creepy and favorite phrase "IT'S BACK" always used as a subtle dare for the audience to return and see it!

Psycho (Paramount, 1965). One Sheet (27" X 41").
Although Alfred Hitchcock made a career directing spy and suspense films, none of those pictures compared to his first foray into horror. Psycho has kept audiences on the edge of their seats for over fifty years, and the nail biting screen play by Joseph Stefano (who later created "The Outer Limits") has provided moviegoers with some of the most heart pounding moments in cinematic history. With an iconic image of unsuspecting Janet Leigh and a haunting Anthony Perkins looming over her shoulder, this one sheet makes anyone want to steer clear of the motel shower.

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