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Amazing Colossal Man Vintage One Sheet Horror Movie Poster


Original  Vintage Classic Horror Sci Fi Old Movie Posters Film Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
The Amazing Colossal Man, 1957
Original Vintage One Sheet Movie Poster (27x41")


It has been more than ten years since we last acquired this poster, and it has always been one of our personal favorites.  I remember seeing this Sci Fi classic as a child, years after it’s release.  And,  it made an everlasting impression.    This gigantic bald man, roaming the streets of Las Vegas.   And, this poster has incredible artwork of the giant, some of the best Sci Fi art you'll ever see.   Very good-excellent condition.  Has beenb professionally linen backed and it now looks Amaizng !   Linen backer did not do any other restoration such as touch up to fold lines. 

The last one sold in about a week.  So, don't let this one get away and have to wait another ten years before we discover another.

* See enlargeable images above 

The Amazing Colossal Man (American International, 1957). One Sheet (27" X 41").
Sci-fi poster artist extraordinaire, Albert Kallis, fashioned one of his best pieces for this title. His giant plutonium radiated man running amuck on the Las Vegas strip, squeezing the dress off Cathy Downs, has always been an ask-for item.   Has been linen backed but fold lines are still visible as no restoration, other then linen backing, has been done to poster.   A gorgeous movie art masterpiece...

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