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Bride of the Monster, Bela Lugosi Half Sheet movie poster 1956


Original Vintage Horror Sci Fi Movies Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"Bride of the Monster", 1956
Original Vintage Horror Sci Movie Poster Half sheet (22x28")
Starring Bela Lugosi
Directed by Edward Woods Jr.


After 13 years,  I'M BACK!

Not just a Rare piece of History, but a gorgeous piece of Art & Home Décor!   (can you take your eyes off of it?)

Its been about 13 years since we had the opportunity to acquire this Gem of a classic horror movie poster.   One of our all time favorites, the artwork of Bela Lugosi on this Half sheet (we just acquired BOTH the one and half sheets) is simply Stunning!   For some reason original vintage poster paper for this Rare Ed Wood’s creation dried up for more than a decade.    So, can imagine how excited we are to have recently acquired this amazing vintage movie art poster

Meanwhile, if you have ever seen this Half sheet and the One Sheet, you know Why I have BOTH in my personal Collection.  One or the other was not an option, as I had to have both.  When you see both of them, you will know Why!   And, this is the first time in our 43 years collecting that we have owned both the 1956 One and Half sheet posters at the same time!  See the half sheet below under, "Other Rare Vintage Treasures You Might Like". 

You can be sure this Ed Wood/Bela Lugosi Treasure won’t last long!   

* See enlargeable image above 

One of the most requested vintage movie posters over the past several years, AND my personal favorite. In the past 6 years we have acquired three of these and the first two sold almost immediately. Ed Wood's known for his notoriously bad films produced some of the most gorgeous movie posters! The movie poster art is spectacular.  That said, Ed Woods movies, believe it or not, have a strong cult following. The Bride of the Monster being his personal “masterpiece” with the immortal horror legend Bela Lugosi.  Most of you are probably aware that Ed Woods was depicted by Johnny Depp in the academy award winning 1994 movie “Ed Woods”. Martin Landau won the academy award for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi. 

Seasoned collectors know original posters for this title are often faded to some extent..  This very scarce, beautiful vintage 1956 half sheet is in 100% UNrestored excellent + condition with vibrant colors (not faded as we see most of these).    And NOT EVER FOLDED, so no deep fold creases!

NOTE: Most of these we have come acorss have suffered from faded colors due to excessive natural light exposure.  As you can see this Gem has Original bright colors, NO Restoration!

Bride of the Monster (Filmmakers Releasing, 1956). Rolled, Very Fine. Half Sheet (22" X 28").
Although it wasn't Lugosi's final film, it was his last starring role in a feature. Under the incredibly inept direction of Edward D. Wood, Lugosi plots to create a race of "supermen" by harnessing the power of the atom. The film also starred Tor Johnson, another alumni of Woods' low-budget horror films. Posters on this title, as with all of Wood's productions, are Rare and quite collectible. The poster shows edge wear, a tear on the right border backed by paper tape on the verso, faint corner bends.  Rolled, Never folded, so none of the typical vertical & horizonal creases.

One of director Ed Wood's greatest productions, this was the next to last movie filmed by Bela Lugosi, who played mad scientist Dr. Eric Vornoff. The making of this movie is well-documented in Tim Burton's Ed Wood, including the theft of the rubber octopus from Republic Studios (it was originally created for the John Wayne vehicle, Wake of the Red Witch). Unfortunately, the motor that operated the tentacles was left behind, which is painfully obvious in the final film. Nevertheless, this is classic Ed Wood, and features two of his greatest stars, Lugosi and former Swedish wrestler Tor Johnson (who was the subject of Lugosi's oft-quoted line, "Don't mind Lobo. He's as harmless as a kitchen").
Nevertheless, this is Ed Wood, master of the bizarre and unusual, at his finest. Original paper from Ed Wood pictures are rare and continue to be highly sought after with this example being a particularly Rare UNrestored Excellent + Conidition

Paper from the majority of Ed Wood's movies is extremely scarce, and highly sought after by those who appreciate the best in "bad" cinema. This is a very attractive and very desirable poster that will be the pride of any collection of 1950s cult cinema

Some Trivia:
According to Paul Marco, Edward D. Wood Jr. thought that Bela Lugosi's memory might not be very good so for Lugosi's huge speech in Bride of the Monster, Wood had the prop man make cue cards. Lugosi, upset, insisted he didn't need cue cards and he would "memorize it." Wood still insisted on the cue cards telling Lugosi, "We have to be safe." Bela Lugosi went to Paul Marco for help. He had Marco promise not to show him the cue cards during the scene. Paul Marco held the cards at his side the whole time and Lugosi never looked over once. Bela Lugosi gave a sensational performance and the whole crew got up and applauded

There are some great reviews at the IMDB link below. I was quite surprised that Bela Lugosi actually gets great praise for his role in this, his final film.

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original 

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