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Cat People Original Vintage Horror Lobby Card Movie Poster 2


Original cat people 1942 poster Antique Old Classic Horror Film Theater Movie Posters Memorabilia For Sale
"Cat People", 1942
Original Vintage Horror SCI FI Lobby Card Movie Poster
Starring Simone Simon


Here is a Rare stunning colorful lobby card actually used in 1942 to promote this highly desirable classic horror..  Amazing William Rose Border Artwort featuring Simone Simon.

NOTE: These original 1942 "Cat People" lobby cards rarely ever come up for sale.   As a matter of fact, it has been 23 YEARS since we have acquired an Original 1942 vintage lobby card from this Horror Classic!

We are fortunate to have just acquired three ORIGINALS!  This is a particularly choice lobby card scene .

* It is also worth noting there are few lobby cards with equally stunning border art than those for this classic horror film..  

* See enlargeable image above

Cat People (RKO, 1942).  Lobby Card (11" X 14") William Rose Border Artwork. Horror.
Starring Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph, and Jack Holt. Directed by Jacques Tourneur. Unrestored lobby cards that display signs of use. May include light edge wear, pinholes, mild creases, surface scuffs. 

Creating terror from shadows and psychological suspense, director Jacques Tourneur's first full-fledged attempt at horror marked a turning point in the genre, proving that less can indeed be more when it comes to striking fear into an audience. The first of many frightening collaborations between Tourneur and producer Val Lewton, Cat People used several creative techniques on a shoestring budget to keep theatre-goers at the edge of their seats, such as inventing the now popular "Lewton Bus" technique. The moody atmosphere of the movie transfers well to the film's title card, with Simone Simon's enigmatic, almost feline smile and clawed fingers illustrating the emotional split within her character. 

It remains one of the moodiest and most suspenseful films to define the horror genre. Simone Simon portrays a woman who believes she will turn into a black panther if she becomes emotionally aroused. But when she meets Kent Smith, she falls in love anyway and eventually marries him. Smith fears that Simon's mental condition is straining their marriage and sends her to a psychiatrist. It's then that Simon believes another woman is interfering in her life and she resorts to the only way she knows to defend her relationship. The film was directed to perfection by Jacques Tourneur who used shadows to create suspense and deliberately avoided the special effects that would confirm if Simon really had the ability to turn herself into a cat or not. To this day, Cat People is considered a masterpiece of the genre and the posters, which fit the mysterious mood with William Rose's eerie artwork, are among the most sought after. 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on the original