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Product 134/517

Charlie Chan Chinese Ring Vintage Film Poster lobby card


"The Chinese Ring", 1947
Original Classic Movie Theater Poster lobby card
Starring Roland Winters as "Charlie Chan"



1947 - A stunning lobby card from another of the Chan mystery classics!! The graphics speak for itself!! A beauty!  Excellent condition. 

* See image above

The Chinese Ring (Monogram, 1947). Lobby Card  (11" X 14"). Mystery.
Directed by William Beaudine. Starring Roland Winters, Warren Douglas, Mantan Moreland and Victor Sen Yung. Keywords: Charlie Chan, bank personnel, China, clue, corruption, death, detective, murder, investigation, kill, princess, private detective. Great images of Winters as Charlie Chan. 

* We recently acquired an incredible Charlie Chan Collection of Original Vintage Movie Posters, Lobby Cards, Heralds including from the Rare Oland Warner Chan era 

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original

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