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Orson Welles War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast Original photo &


Orson Welles in War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast, 1938
Original 8x10" Press Photo & Newspaper Articles

You may not have been born when the original broadcast took place but surely you've heard replays on the radio over the years.   When I was a young kid it was played during Halloween one year and it scared the crap out of us!    The Orson Welles proclamation that aliens had arrived was so realistic it set off a serious panic all over the country when it aired on October 31, 1938.   It was indeed a historical day that would be forever remembered as the ultimate (although dangerous) national prank!    You can read more of what happened on the Wiki page HERE...

Here we have acquired the original press photo that was actually used for newspaper publication of Welles performing his infamous radio broadcast.  As you can see the photo has been cropped with red pencil (Yes, that's how publications cropped 80 years ago before computers were as Fantastical as the Aliens in Welles broadcast ).  Also, included are original newspaper articles which use this historical photo

Orson Welles in War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast (CBS, 1938). Publicity Photo (8" X 10"), & Article, . Sci Fi.
Vintage gelatin silver, single weight, glossy photo of a young Orson Welles performing, in 1938 on CBS, War of the Worlds. Included in this lot is a newspaper clipping of the final edition for October 31st, 1938, which features the ramifications of the program in various towns and cities who listened to the broadcast.  The photo has grease pencil marks and white paint to prep the photo to be used for publication, and the newspaper clippings are not attached to anything. . Please see full-color, enlargeable images above and below for more details. Fine.

* See enlargeable images above and below

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