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Return of the Ape Man, 1944 Bela Lugosi Classic Title Card


Original Vintage Horror Sci Fi Bela Lugosi Boris Karloff Movie Posters Memorabilia Collectibles For Sale
"Return of the Ape Man", 1944
Original Title Card Movie Poster(11x14")
Starring Bela Lugosi


Not much needs to be said here. This is a STUNNING Un-Restored Title Card from the 1944 Bela Lugosi classic, "Return of the Ape Man". An incredible item to be displayed at home or in the office. Gorgeous colors and graphics.
* See enlargeable image above.

NOTE: We also have two Rare lobby scene cards from this classic horror. 

Very good condition.  Has some pinholes on borders and image area near Lugosi Ape-Man beard the theater used to display.  But if so desired, an easy inexpensive fix.  . 

Return of the Ape Man (Monogram, 1943). Title Card (11" X 14").
Bela Lugosi is a deranged scientist who discovers a Neanderthal frozen in ice. Despite the objections of his partner (John Carradine), Lugosi decides to give the frozen man a brain transplant, resulting in the prehistoric ice-man going on a murderous rampage. This would be the last film Lugosi made for Monogram