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Bonnie Parker Story Original Vintage Lobby Card movie poster '58

The Bonnie Parker Story, 1958
Original Vintage Lobby Card

Great vintage lobby card depicting this notorious gun slinging outlaw.  Note: in real like Bonnie Parker was offended by the label "cigar smoking Hellcat" as she never smoked cigars.   Lobby cards in excellent condition. 

Note:  we have the entire set of eight.  You can choose whatever one you want (see enlargeable images below and above).   Or if you want the entire set we can offer you a special price.

The Bonnie Parker Story (American International, 1958).
Lobby Cards (11" X 14"). Crime.. This cheap AIP feature is an oddity in itself in that, presumably due to legal implications, Bonnie Parker's partner, Clyde Barrow, is never mentioned by name but as "Guy Darrow!" The story deals primarily with Bonnie, making her the blood-thirsty leader in the crime spree.
Starring Dorothy Provine, Jack Hogan, Richard Bakalyan, Joe Turkel, and William Stevens. Directed by William Witney

Note: Cvtreausres stamp NOT on original lobby cards.