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Mummy Vintage Lobby Card movie poster Boris Karloff 1951 2


The Mummy, 1932
Original Vintage Horror Movie Poster Lobby Card
Starring Boris Karloff


Boris Karloff & Zita Johann watch Noble Johnson stirring giant cauldron!

When it comes to vintage movie posters there is one title that sets the stage for collector desirability!  The Mummy.   Paper from this title is extremely scarce as only two or three original 1932 lobby cards have surfaced over the past couple decades and the result was a biding frenzy that set the price up to $20,000 for one lobby card. 
* See enlargeable image above..

This is a 1951 re-release and many collectors concur the artwork and images are even better then the 1932 release cards.  In the original 1932 only one or two show Boris Karloff as the Mummy but no close ups like this gem of a card we offer here.   Very good conditions with just spe unobtrusive age related staining on top border mostly, with a few small specs on Karloff's chest.    A very inexpensive restoration fix if you are bothered by the minor stains.   (NOTE: We had this lobby card a couple years ago and sold it for $2000).  

The Mummy (Realart, R-1951). Lobby Card (11" X 14"). One of the creepiest moments of Universal's "The Mummy" is commemorated in this fine reissue lobby card, Boris Karloff & Zita Johann watch Noble Johnson stirring giant cauldron!  
The Mummy, the classic 1932 Karl Freund Universal Ancient Egypt romantic monster horror thriller ("It comes to life!") starring Boris Karloff ("The Uncanny"; in the title role as Imhotep the Mummy), Zita Johann, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan, Arthur Byron, Bramwell Fletcher, and Noble Johnson (as The Nubian)

Note: We just acquired two lobby cards from this Universal Horror classic.  See the other below under "Other Treasures You May Like"

Note: Cvtreasures stamp NOT on original

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