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The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler, 1943 TWO lobby cards


"The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler", 1943
Original vintage lobby cards (11x14")

1943 - Universal. In the heat of WWII this classic was produced and received quite excellent reviews. Two original vintage lobby cards.

This curious bit of wartime wish-fulfillment stars Ludwig Donath as Franz Huber, a famed Austrian actor known for his impersonations of celebrities. Captured by the Gestapo, Huber is ordered to undergo plastic surgery. When he emerges from the gauze, Huber is the living image of Adolf Hitler! It's all part of a Gestapo plot to assassinate the troublesome Fuehrer and put the ostensibly more pliable Huber in his place. The anti-Nazi Huber is able to foil the Gestapo and strike a blow for Democracy, but he meets his Waterloo at the hands of his own wife (Gale Sondergaard), who has no way of knowing that he isn't Hitler. The labyrinthine screenplay was cowritten by Fritz Kortner, who also plays one of the villains. ~ Hal Erickson