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Patent Model Mechanical Washing Machine w/Patent Tags 1875

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For serious collectors of investment grade historical memorabilia, here is an exciting piece of American History!

NOTE: To put into perspective the intense demand and investment value for vintage Patent and Salesman Sample Models, particularly 19th century models, below are realized auction prices at Julia's Auction in November 2014.   Note these miniature models below did NOT have the invaluable documented provenance as does the three salesman and patent models we have listed on our site.  Also, note that the 19th century manufacturing and farm related models command impressive premiums as indicated by the final bid prices shown below which were 2-3 times (in one case 6-7 times) the high estimates:

Salesman Sample Farm Scale                                  est $1000-1500     Sold: $3851
Salesman Sample Sickle Bar Mower with O.B.         est  $2500-4500     Sold: $7702
Salesman Sample Hay Rake With Carrying Case    est $2500-3500      Sold:  $20,145
Salesman Sample Horse-Drawn Oliver Walking Plow  eBay 3/13/15      Sold   $15,000
Salesman Sample Horse-Drawn Eagle Mower             eBay 3/13/15      Sold   $12,000


 Here we have a Very rare and wonderful, original 1875 United States Patent Office Model being a finely crafted, diminutive model of an American Industrial Era Washing Machine on legs. This fantastic, hand made Mechanical Washing Machine measures approx. 9 1/4" tall and 10 1/4" by 8 1/4" at the base. It is an exact representation of an improved Washing Machine that was patented in 1875. The Model is made of Wood, tin and brass with precision machined brass gears and handle, intricately ribbed tin tub and wooden outer housing / structure.

  Offered here is the original Patent Model of this outstanding Washing Machine with its ingeniously designed "scrubbers" (the bristled paddle used to agitate the clothes inside the machine) and the corresponding, ribbed surface of the inside of the Tub. See the enlargeable images above and below along with the Patent drawings for a glimpse at the structure and function of this fantastic Washing Machine.

  The outstanding Patent Model of this finely crafted Washing Machine that is offered here was actually the original Patent Model - submitted to the US Patent Office by the inventor Peter Lieber of Indianapolis, Indiana. It came to us with the original Patent Office Tag and a copy of the original Patent Document dated September 9th, 1875. The invention was issued Patent Number 169,111. This wonderful, hand made Patent Model was submitted to the U. S. Patent Office as part of the patent process prescribed by law.

  This simply fantastic and finely crafted Model of a Mechanical Washing Machine is 100% original and has not been restored, repaired or altered in any way. Overall the Machine is in very good condition - sound, intact and near complete. The Model lacks one of its four wooden "legs" but is otherwise complete and exceptionally well preserved. One of the two hinges that attach the top of the tub is unattached but this is the only other damage to the Machine. Overall this outstanding and finely crafted Patent Model is very attractive and displays beautifully.

  This wonderful, 1875 Patent Model is 100% guaranteed to be the original Model that was submitted to the United States Patent Office as part of the Patent Application process. We have included a copy of the original Patent Papers as further documentation of this simply wonderful Patent Model.

  A very rare and wonderful, 1875 Mechanical Washing Machine Patent Model and a fantastic addition to any collection!!

* See several enlargeable images above and below. 


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