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Piedmont Cigarettes Porcelain Sign Advertising Fold Chair 1920s


VINTAGE Piedmont Cigarettes Porcelain Sign Advertising Folding Chair
Circa 1920


Yes, this may be a surprise that we have a piece of antique furniture for sale.  But, it was such a unique and extraordinary item we found at a local auction we just couldn't pass it up.   Of course the primary reason we were attracted to it was the gorgeous vintage porcelain advertising sign in the chair's backrest. 

Piedmont Cigarettes Porcelain Sign Advertising Folding Chair -    Double sided porcelain insert in this wooden folding chair states "For Cigarettes Virginia Tobacco is the Best Piedmont The Virginia Cigarette".   And although we have seen these for sale online this the BEST condition one we have ever come across.  The porcelain which is typically worn, painted over or has sustained damage is virtually flawless, on BOTH SIDES!   And the chair also, is in excellent unrestored condition and is even sturdy enough to sit on!  ALL ORIGINAL!   Even the Official "Piedmont Cigarettes" stamp on the side sof the chair is clearly visible (see enlargeable images above and below).. Needless to say this is almost always worn off or painted over. 

Size when opened
31" Tall X 15" Deep X 16" Wide

Note: The packing and shipping cost is included in the price  (about $150-200 within the US).