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Titanic Sinks! Original Antique Bangor Newspaper April 16, 1912

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Titanic Memorabilia Collectibles Newspaper For Sale
Titanic Sinks!
Original Antique (107 Years Old) Bangor
April 16, 1912  

Here is a fantastic ORIGINAL Bangor Daily Commercial Newspaper reporting on the historic Titanic Sinking published  April 16, 1912, one day after sinking.    Complete newspaper with several stories about the sinking.   Also has nice Front Page graphic map of where they suspect Titanic disaster took place.  

Note:  The paper is actually dated on the front and most inside pages as April 14, 1912.  However, the last couple pages are dated April 16, 1912.   We are certain the 16th is correct as there would be no way for the Bangor Daily to have published on the 14th, the night the titanic struck the iceberg.   The 16th is the earliest papers had published the accident as information was not even available on the 15th.  And even on the 16th full accurate information had not reached the mainland as in this case the numbers of survivors and those who perished was not correct.   Hence, he headline reads "went down with 1200 of the crew and passengers", which unfortunately was low by nearly 400 hundred.  We suspect the Bangor Daily was in such a rush to get the story out they used the same Printing Plate from April 14th and didn't catch the mistake..

NOTE: ORIGINAL Titanic Papers are very rare, as MOST you will see for sale are Reproductions.     Papers known to have reproductions include The Boston Globe, NY Times, Chicago Tribune and other major city papers.  There are NO Known Reproductions of the "Bangor Daily Commercial" as this was a relatively unknown newspaper from Maine and highly unlikely anyone would want to reproduce it.   Paper is 107 years old and very brittle, age toning and some minor staining.  That said, it is in tact and a beautiful historical specimen for a most unforgettable event in American and World History..  

 * See enlargeable images above and below.

Large original size about 20x24".  Would look Amazing Framed !!

NOTE: We are very excited to have recently acquired THREE different Titanic Feature ORIGINAL newspapers from the Bangor Daily.  See the other two below under, "Other Treasures You May Like".  

RMS Titanic Newspaper (Bangor Daily Commercial, 1912) Good. Newspaper (Approx. 19.5" X 23.75"). Offered here is the  April 16th Bangor Daily Commercial newspaper from 1912 featuring headlines, articles, and survivor lists from the sinking of the RMS Titanic. The ship hit an iceberg on April 14th and sank the next morning. Unrestored newspaper that may have tears, paper loss, pinholes, and general age wear, as well as toning, staining, or brittleness.

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