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Thank You Neil Armstrong

When I started Collecting Autographs there was a handful of living celebrities I wanted to acquire.   The list included James Stewart, Frank Sinatra, Ronald Reagan, Charles Schulz, Marlon Brando and Neil Armstrong.  Out of this list only James Stewart was signing photos himself, whereas Sinatra, Reagan and Schulz were close to impossible.   Brando forget it, he actually detested autograph seekers who approached him never mind in the mail.. .  Reagan and Schulz just wouldn't sign anything and Sinatra never signed himself, instead his secretaries signed every autograph mail request.

Then sometime in the early 90's I heard Neil Armstrong would sign a photo if you sent a self addressed stamped envelop.  Hence, I got his address and sent a stamped envelop, a cordial letter and a $5 check to cover cost for the photo.  About three weeks later I got the envelop back from Cincinnati, Ohio.   Inside Mr Armstrong returned the check and wrote "VOID" on it.   However, I was excited to see he also sent an official NASA color photo signed personally to me.     The following year I read that he stopped signing autographs altogether even before the days of greedy eBay sellers.    Today, I still have that photo in my own collection.    Thanks and God Bless You Neil Armstrong!

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