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Vintage Old Photos Stills

Three Stooges
ORIGINAL vintage Studio Promotional Press Photos from the early 30's and 40's

These are not only the most incredible, but also RARELY seen Original press release Three Stooges photographer stills.

A Brief History of Movie Stills

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Movie stills (photos) have been issued by studios since the earliest days of cinema. They were sent in limited numbers direct from the studio's publicity department to theaters and the media to promote a new release and the film's stars. These printings had very short printing runs, and the stills became in essence "limited edition" prints.

Most movie stills show a movie scene, but also include stunning portrait shots and fascinating candids. Studios recognized the great promotional value of these stills to entice moviegoers into the theater, and often spared no expense in creating beautiful scene stills, portraits and candids taken by some of Hollywood's most accomplished photographers. Many stills are like works of art in themselves and have become iconic images of cinema and 20th Century culture.
Since the late '60s stills have taken their place along movie posters and lobby cards as desirable and highly collectible cinema artifacts. More and more collectors are becoming aware of these stills and how desirable they are to collect and/or display.

The 30 year still expert who owned these stills say they are the first he has seen in over 30 years.
These are even more rare then the movie posters or lobby cards.

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