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Lou Gehrig Rare TYPE I Baseball Yankees Photo Picture Final Seas


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Lou Gehrig
Rare TYPE I Baseball Yankees Photo Picture, 1939
TYPE I Certified PSA

"The Final Season… Something's Not Right"


There are some photos which capture a place and historical moment in time that render it priceless, and indeed museum worthy.

This iconic Lou Gehrig image is such a breathtaking image.    A once  rugged muscular 200+ lb warrior, this image sadly shows how quickly his illness (yet to be diagnosed) has ravaged his once statuesque frame.   Obviously much thinner and frail, the grimace on his face says it all.  Soon after this Type I photo was taken , Lou would get the ominous diagnosis.

One of the most significant vintage sports photos we’ve ever handled this PSA Certified Type I photo is the first of its kind we’ve ever seen in our 40 years collecting.   A must have for that High End Museum Grade Collection.

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1939 Lou Gehrig, "The Final Season… Something's Not Right" Sweeping Batting Photo (Full PSA)|

Sweeping 1939 action photograph of New York Yankees legend Lou Gehrig and taken during the earliest days of spring training of his final season. Imagine watching this game and Lou Gehrig steps to the plate. A crack of the bat, and the ball just doesn't jump like it used to. Gehrig even looked weak and thin. Most thought it was a slow start, but the devastating reality would soon be revealed to the world, Gehrig was dying. This image perfectly captures the strain of 1939 better than most we have seen. Gehrig seems frail and straining, seemingly he has aged ten years since the end of the 1938 season. Issued by the Acme and with a full paper caption, this photo is dated from March 4, 1939 and perhaps is the first taken during his fateful season. One of the finest 1939 Gehrig images out there if not THE best action photo from his short lived season, the photo grades nearly perfect and comes Certified by PSA as a Type 1 and comes with a full PSA letter. One of the more thought provoking and poignant 1939 images of Gehrig we have seen.

Size: 7x9"
Designation: Vintage 1

NOTE: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original photo