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James Jeffries Vintage Postcard SGC Graded Boxing Memorabilia


Vintage Boxing Fight Memorabilia
James Jeffries, 1921
Original SGC Graded NM Vintage Portrait Postcard


Gorgeous James Jeffries1921 Original Vintage Portrait Postcard. Graded NM by SGC.   * See enlargeable images above and below

1921 Exhibits James Jeffries SGC 80 EX/NM 6 - Pop One, None Higher! James Jeffries' (1875-1953) legacy is a statement to the sad attitude of his era. Growing up on an Ohio farm, the families move to California led to his career in boxing. Strong and durable, Jeffries style was to fight in a crouch position, just as he is here, with his formidable left-arm extended. As a natural lefty, his powerful left-hook was his greatest asset and ended many battles. During his career, he broke the ribs of three opponents, and these were all title fights against other titans of the era. With an 18-1-2 record (14 by KO), Jeffries retired undefeated in 1904. Jeffries returned on July 4, 1910 to fight heavyweight champion Jack Johnson, a fight which became cause to celebrate the racism of the time. He was quoted as saying, "I am going into this fight for the sole purpose of proving that a white man is better than a Negro." Jeffries' faith in white superiority came to a crushing end in the 15th round when his coach stopped the fight just before the unthinkable would occur... he was about to be knocked out by Johnson. Offered is his 1921 Exhibit card, this example graded SGC 80 EX/NM 6Currently, the total pop is just nine examples. This is a "Pop One-of-One With None Higher" title holder.