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Original Vintage Wrestling Poster Bruno Sammartino 1968

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Bruno Sammartino
Original Vintage Wrestling Event Poster - Boston Garden, 1968
Starring Bruno Sammartino, Gorilla Monsoon, Professor Toro Tanaka & George "The Animal" Steele



Beautiful Rare ORIGINAL Vintage 1960s Wrestling Poster!   Stunning graphics and bright bold red and blue lettering


OK,  I admit, this is more for myself!  You see , when I was around nine years old, my Dad turned on Saturday afternoon professional wrestling.   The  WWWF Champion at the time was Bruno Sammartino.  After watching for about an hour, I was hooked !     For about the next 10 years, I LOVED wrestling.  I still like to watch, but more  the classic wrestling from the 60s/70s/80s on YouTube.   

Today’s WWE just doesn’t do it for me.  The showmanship and drama is over the top.    Yeah sure, as kids we eventually realized the matches were scripted, but is was more raw, sweaty and rough.  Today’s wrestling is too much cosmetics, vanity and more like reality TV. 

To me, the days of Bruno, Pedro Morales, Chief Jay Strongbow,  George Steele, Andre the Giant and even the early days of Hulk Hogan was more surreal, more magical.

Consequently, like vintage Concert Posters, we started getting excited about collecting vintage Wrestling Posters.   Primarily WWWF and WWF from the 1960s-early 80s.   Those large cardboard posters with terrific images of one or more wrestlers from the Golden Age with eye popping red text on white or light background.     Unfortunately, like classic concert posters, 99% of these posters were destroyed after the event and of those that did survive they succumbed to heavy damage .   

About 3-4 years ago we were fortunate to discover an estate sale of the famous wrestling promoter Jack Witschi's in SE Massachusetts.    Anyone from the southeast New England area in the 1960s/70s was familiar with the iconic Jack Witchi’s Sports Arena.  Some of the most coveted treasures left in the Witschi's Treasure Vault were some unused WWF Promotional Posters for shows at the Providence Civic Center in the late 70s/early 80s.    We were fortunate enough to acquire about ten of these stunning posters Before they all disappeared.  Most are in my personal collection.  One is listed on this website

But, the most Rare and desirable wrestling posters are those featuring  Bruno Sammartino, particularly from his first reign as WWWF Champion in the 1960s (1963-1971 before Ivan Koloff stunned the wrestling world and defeated Bruno on January 18, 1971 at Madison Square Garden).  

Here is an extremely RARE vintage wrestling poster for a Six Man Tag Team match with some of the biggest wrestling stars of the era.  From the early days when major stars like Sammartino appeared at small venues like local high schools.  This match took place at the original Boston Garden  on July 6, 1968, when Bruno was in his Prime ! A RARE Vintage Sports gem of a find !  We don’t see many of see original 1960s era Bruno Sammartino posters The are Extremely Rare !     Terrific image of Bruno.

NOTE:  This poster was Signed by Bruno in a perfect location.  The signature is not authenticated as we are Not selling this highly desirable poster as a Signed poster. However, based on our research looking at several PSA Authenticated Bruno signatures, this looks like a dead match. And furthermore, it is highly unlikely anyone would forge a signature on an High Value Original Poster like this .   A forgery would most certainly always be on a worthless reproduction poster

Size: This gorgeous vintage Boston Garden Wrestlng Poster is a large 17x26" beauty !

* See enlargeable image above

Note: Cvtreasures stamp Not on original