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SAFE AT HOME Original Vintage Photos Stills Mickey Mantle Maris


Original Vintage Movie Sports Baseball Memorabilia Collectibles Photos Pictures For Sale
Original Vintage Group of 8 Photo Stills  ($150 each)
Starring Mickey Mantle & Roger Maris


Although we've acquired a few of the original lobby cards for this sports theme film over the years, this is the first time we've seen original promotional photo stills.  And we have eight of them to offer you!    Great vintage photos with terrific cross interests including classic film, sports and vintage photography

* See enlargeable images above and below

SAFE AT HOME 8 8x10 stills 1962 Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, New York Yankees baseball!

Description: Safe at Home!, the 1962 Walter Doniger New York Yankees baseball sports family comedy ("A Grand Slam"; "Fun and laughter with the greatest guys in baseball... And the luckiest kid in the world!"; "Fun and laughter with the idols of millions and the luckiest kid in the world!"; "Based on a story by Tom Naud and Steve Ritch"; about a little boy who lies about knowing famous New York Yankees baseball players and who then is not bailed out by the players when they refuse to back him in his lie, but they go ahead and invite his entire little league team to come visit them; one of the more implausible plots of all time!) starring Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, William Frawley, Patricia Barry, Don Collier, and Bryan Russell (billed as "the Luckiest Kid in the World").

* NOTE:  Photos are $150 Each.  Just include the number photo (in upper right of images above and below), in your Order notes.     ** And for the photos that DON'T include Maris or Mantle, feel Free to make an offer on the photo of your choice.