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Comic Book Collection 1950s/60s

1950s/60s Comic Book Collection

After more than 30 years of collecting, we have decided to sell our comic book collection.  Although we have been buying and selling movie posters and autographs for 30 years we have never parted with our Classic TV Comic Books.  Most of our comic books are related to popular TV shows from the 60’s including “The Munsters”, “Star Trek”, “Dark Shadows”, “Green Hornet”,  and many other nostalgic TV related comics.  We spent many years and hundreds of collector shows looking for the prized Gold Key comics with the stunning colorful colors of our favorite TV heroes.

Below we have included a few images showing samples of what we have available.  If you are a vintage comic book,  classic Hollywood TV collector then contact us for a complete list and super large images of what we have available along with pricing.   Below are some categories in stock.

Munsters (all in set)
Star Trek (all in set)
Dark Shadows
Green Hornet (all in set)
Wild Wild West
Adam 12
Searchers (John Wayne Dell issue for the 1956 classic)
I Love Lucy
Disney Dell comics
Roy Rogers & Gene Autry Dell issues
Three Stooges Gold Key and Dell

**NOTE: We are also selling our vintage Gum Card collection mostly 50s
/60s TV related

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