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Jaws 1975 "same year' re-release lobby card movie poster 2


Original Vintage Horror Sci Fi Jaws Movie Posters Memorabilia Collectibles for Sale
"Jaws", 1975
Original Vintage Lobby Card Movie Poster (11x14”)


This is one of the rare 1975 re-release lobby cards.   These are actually more rare than the original 1975 re-release.  This is the only film I am aware of that had an official re-release in the same year as gthe original release, Both 1975.    Excellent condition with some border wear from actual film promotion display.

* See enlargeable image above

Jaws (Universal, 1975). Lobby Card  (11" X 14").
Director Steven Spielberg created what would become one of the most terrifying blockbusters of all time. Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss face off against a giant man-eating shark in this thriller that made audiences the world over afraid to set foot in the ocean. The nice  lobby card  .

Note:  Cvtreasures stamp not on original 

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