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Rare Vintage TG500 Tiger bubble friction car Bandai Messerschmit


Toy car, Bandai Messerschmitt, 1958
Rare Vintage TG500 Tiger bubble friction car 


This is the one of the coolest vintage toy cars I’ve ever seen.  Very Rare Bandai Messerschmitt TG500 Tiger  bubble friction car from 1958-59.  And this is the even MORE Rare 3-wheeel version.  I could only find two of these that have sold in the past few years .  In 2013 one sold for $1250.  In 2013 one sold for $450 , but that was in poor condition with multiple dents, scratches and rust.  As you can see from the enlargeable images, this beauty is in extraordinary condition and has obviously been well preserved.  It even has the original antenna which is usually  missing.   With just the slightest sign of handling wear.  But the original Un-restored gorgeous aqua paint and overall car are in amazing condition.   The top bubble hood is in excellent condition and stills opens and closes like new.  And as you can see with the top open, the inside is pristine!   The plastic bubble top does have a couple scratches.  The front friction wheels seem to still work, although it doesn't’t move the car much , but you can hear the friction motors spinning.

Made in Japan 1958-59.     *Today modern reproductions made in China sell for $59-99.  

This first time we have seen and owned this gem of a find in our 37 years collecting vintage memorabilia.   The images say it all!   I Love staring at it on top of my desk, until it has to go to a new lucky owner!

Toy car, Bandai Messerschmitt, Rare TG500 Tiger bubble friction car in aqua, Exc cond w/minor paint loss at top closure, 8"L.

* See enlargeable images above and below